The Bumprz Story

It all happened on a bike ride home from the office. Another screen was broken, again.

“Why couldn’t we create a case that didn’t take away from the original phone design, a beautiful work of art and science?”, thought Matt, creator of Bumprz. “Why must we encase our devices in bulky, ugly plastics and rubbers that many end up taking off anyway?”

Matt wanted an effective way to protect his phone while keeping it as close to the designers’ work of art.

Bye-bye brick case. Hello Bumprz :)

Instead of bemoaning the death of another screen and the horror of another case, Matt — along with longtime friend and designer, Jeff Tobler — set out to make a case to beautify and protect our iPhones from the inevitable screen-shattering drops.

What you see in the video below is the result of Matt’s determination to create “the little case that could.”

What will your Bumprz story be?