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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Bumprz Kickstarter in the Workz

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Yes, it’s official. We’re making most wordz ending in “s” Bumprzesque. 😉 Ok, that’ll get old really fast, but bear with us.

Matt and I are working on the upcoming kickoff of a wild Kickstarter campaign for Bumprz. This is where you have an opportunity to get a set of solid metal Bumprz of your own at a fraction of retail, plus you get the pure joy of using your discount to fund a radically beautiful and virtually drop-proof case for iPhone 5/5S and soon afterward, Galaxy.

We’ll be announcing it in dayz. Since the Early Bird tier funding will be limited, you will want to hop in early.

And spread the word. We can’t make this happen without your support!

Bumprz 2 - the anti-case for iPhone 6 Funding Now!