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Bumprz by Case of Steel Makes the Case for No Case

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Bumprz by Case of Steel Makes the Case for No Case
The Fully-Protective and Stylish “Anti-Case” for your iPhone 5.
Aims to Raise $25,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter.

OAKLAND, Calif. – Smart phones keep getting sleeker, slimmer and more stylish. Everyone lines up to get the next great model, only to cover its design completely by slapping a bulky, plastic case over it for protection.


Case of Steel solves that problem by introducing Bumprz®, an innovative new “anti-case” that is revealing, beautiful, elegant, and yet still completely protective. Bumprz® allow you to keep your iPhone 5 or 5s in a near virgin form while still providing ample protection. Watch the drop tests for yourself, where creator Matt Veenstra drops, throws and tosses his Bumprz clad iPhone 5s to the ground again and again. And guess what? It survives.


Matt Veenstra, creator of Bumprz®, had broken too many screens in the past, and wanted an effective way to protect his phone while keeping it as close to how the designers intended. Matt, along with designer Jeff Tobler, set out to make a “case” to beautify and protect their iPhones with minimal coverage. The brick case had to go.


“We wanted to engineer a case to protect and beautify our phones that was low profile so it easily fits in your pocket or purse,” says Bumprz® creator Matt Veenstra. “We went through a lot of different ideas, sketches, and then prototypes. What we ended up with is Bumprz®, stylish and sleek protection for your phone that allows you experience the design of your iPhone without the obligatory bulk of traditional cases.”


Bumprz® are offered in a polished or matte finish in silver or gold (303 stainless steel or phosphor bronze 544) and are only 0.7mm thick. The metal absorbs the impact and with the help of the 3M adhesive directs the forces to the face and side of the device where the device can handle high compressive and shear forces without failing.


Bumprz® are currently available on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site where Case of Steel aims to raise $25,000 in 30 days. The first 100 backers can pre-purchase their own set of Bumprz® for only $10 (additional shipping costs for addresses outside the U.S.), a second round of 250 backers will receive Bumprz® with a $15 pledge, and an unlimited amount of backers can get Bumprz® for $20, which is still 33% off the retail price. If the funding goal is met, Bumprz® will ship with an estimated delivery in April 2014.


To learn more about this revolutionary new product, visit: http://caseofsteel.com. To back the Kickstarter campaign, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/


Kickstarter has approved Bumprz!

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Yep, we’re almost ready to go live on Kickstarter. It will be any day now, maybe tomorrow. Right now, we’re getting ready to debut the mother of all drop tests. In preparation, Matt chose a very intriguing location and took along a GoPro camera. The results are stunning! This video will be featured on the Kickstarter site as well as the official Bumprz/Case of Steel site (this one).

Bumprz Kickstarter in the Workz

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Yes, it’s official. We’re making most wordz ending in “s” Bumprzesque. 😉 Ok, that’ll get old really fast, but bear with us.

Matt and I are working on the upcoming kickoff of a wild Kickstarter campaign for Bumprz. This is where you have an opportunity to get a set of solid metal Bumprz of your own at a fraction of retail, plus you get the pure joy of using your discount to fund a radically beautiful and virtually drop-proof case for iPhone 5/5S and soon afterward, Galaxy.

We’ll be announcing it in dayz. Since the Early Bird tier funding will be limited, you will want to hop in early.

And spread the word. We can’t make this happen without your support!

Bumprz 2 - the anti-case for iPhone 6 Funding Now!