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Kickstarter Spotlight: Bumprz, The World’s Most Minimal iPhone Case | Shapeways

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Shapeways, our faithful 3d printing partner from Bumprz inception, took notice of Bumprz maturity.

“We love to see innovative Shapies pushing the envelope and making their dreams come true. Take, for instance, Matt Veenstra of Case of Steel. What started as frustration—iPhone 5 screen keeps breaking but bulky cases are annoying—turned into some sketches. Followed by 3D designs, prototyping on Shapeways, and now a Kickstarter to break through the world of bulky phone cases with Bumprz™, the the world’s most minimal iPhone case.

“Made of strong metals and attached with amazing 3M adhesives, Bumprz protects your iPhone 5 while adding a bit of bling to it. Great for the minimalist in all of us!”

Find out more: http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/2442-Kickstarter-Spotlight-Bumprz,-The-Worlds-Most-Minimal-iPhone-Case.html

Bumprz eliminates and mocks iPhone cases | Phones Review

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Phones Review gave a glowing review to Bumprz:

“There are so many iPhone cases on the market but all they do is cover up the whole design and look of the handset itself, the iPhone 5S for example is an expensive product so why would you want to hide it just to protect it – Say hello to the new Bumprz, which eliminates and mocks all other iPhone cases.”

Read the full review: http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2014/02/12/bumprz-eliminates-and-mocks-iphone-cases/

Crowdfunded Project News: The best of Kickstarter | TUAW

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Bumprz caught the eye of the editors over at TUAW:

“But wait, there’s more! Bumprz is a minimalist iPhone “case” that consists of four little steel bumpers that attach to the corners of your favorite smartphone. And surprise — it actually works! The designers at Case of Steel have been dropping their Bumprz-equipped iPhones left and right, with nary a scratch or broken screen.”

Read the full review here: http://www.tuaw.com/2014/02/12/crowdfunded-project-news-the-best-of-kickstarter-indiegogo-and/

Bumprz 2 - the anti-case for iPhone 6 Funding Now!