Why do you only put Bumprz on the corners?

Over the years we have broken many screens, and in each of these instances the crack started from the corners. After that we analyzed how phones commonly fall, and the phone almost always lands on a corner. It is the nature of the shape of the device. Give your current phone or case a look. Where is the most dents and dings? The corners of course. By protecting the corners, we protect and save your screen.

Why do the Bumprz not go to the back of the phone?

Simply put we want to be as minimalistic as possible and protect the most valuable part of you phone – “the screen”. Apple is also very clear in their documents that you shall not cover the back of your phone with metal for reception reasons. Lastly, if we wrapped around to the back we would end up with a push and pull against the adhesive as the phone went front to back and our adhesive will eventually fail.

Can you take bumprz off?

Bumprz are not designed to come off, but you can remove them if you need. You will need to get a replacement set if you take them off. We send out replacement sets for $5 for all those who bought from us or have a receipt of purchase. Bumprz are designed to protect for a lifetime.

I lost a Bumprz. Do you offer replacements?

Glad you asked. We are committed to keeping your screen protected. Should you lose a Bumprz, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement policy for a very modest s/h fee of $1-2 for single replacements and $5 for a full set, including international orders.

What are bumprz made out of?

Bumprz are machined out of Stainless Steel and Brass Alloy at 0.6mm to 0.7mm thick. Metal can absorb and displace the impact better than a plastic of the same thickness and is much nicer to look at than some advanced carbon fiber kevlar bullet proof polymer.

Do bumprz affect reception?

Bumprz work and your phone works. We set up a mini reception testing room in the subbasement of my house using a micro-cell and putting the antenna in numeric mode. Yes this is not as fancy as the gear Apple has, but look they still managed.

Have you broken a screen in testing yet?

Simply put we have not. As we move forward we will try even more aggressive drop tests. We know the phone is just fine on a 20 foot (~6 meter) drop to a floor with thin commercial carpet. We have survived many drops on concrete and asphalt from 3 to 6 feet.

What phones are Bumprz made for?

Today they are only on the iPhone 5/5S. But we expect to move to other devices and other products.