What Bumprz are NOT

While Bumprz are a revolutionary minimalistic “anti-case” to protect your screen from breaking, Bumprz are not an invisible force-field around your phone. Neither is it water-proof, fire-proof, smash-proof nor fool-proof. Phones can and will break with Bumprz if pushed past the intended design.

Bumprz are for those of us who wish not to hermetically seal our phones in brick-like cases. It’s all about unfettered accessibility to the beautiful design of our phones with the most minimal case with maximum protection. The clever design of Bumprz protects your phone’s vulnerable impact points: the corners. And as you have seen, Matt put his phones to some abusive tests and never once did a screen break.

So, should you imitate Matt?

Here’s our advice. Drop, twirl, and throw at your own risk. Matt’s a professional driver on a closed course. But we have great confidence in Bumprz protecting your most valuable asset — your screen — with normal, everyday usage.