Bumprz (original) for iPhone 5 family

orthoview_crosshatch_greyScreens break after they are dropped and the corners get a nick or crack. At this point your screen might have broken, or it might be ready to break on the next fall. Take a look at your phone. Where is the most damage? Of course on the corners.Bumprz are made of strong metals and attached with amazing 3M adhesives. This combination distributes the compressive and shear energy of the impact and directs that to the sides and face of the phone that can withstand this force without failing. The seam does not get nicked. The phone survives.Beautiful, isn’t it?

comparisonHow does Bumprz stack up to all the myriad of cases on the face of the planet? Good question. Bumprz doesn’t compare at all because we’ve created a bit of an anti-case; a case for less of a case but more protection for what matters.Our goal was to make the originally designed phone as accessible as possible, in it’s original form, while protecting it’s most valuable asset… your screen.


Bumprz absorb an impact and with the help of the 3M adhesive direct the forces from the impact to the face and side of the device where the device can handle high compressive forces and shear forces without failing.


Bumprz are made of a variety of metals. Metals can absorb and displace the impact better than a plastic of the same thickness. There are some advanced polymers that can do well here, but they just don’t look as nice.


Bumprz look good. They are an additive feature

As Intended.

Your phone feels and works like it was designed to work. You see the beauty and functionality of the phone as it was meant. There is no taking off cases to charge or hook up accessories. There is no bulk added to the phone.

Barely there.

Bumprz does not get in the way. It fits in your pocket and handbag.

Saves face.

Bumprz also let you flop your phone face down without worrying about any scratches.

Installing Bumprz is fairly straight forward. There are a few steps that you don’t want to miss. Therefore, Matt made a video for you. Cheerz!